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Ultimate Eczema Food Guide

Ultimate Eczema Food Guide

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Gain access to The Ultimate Eczema Food Guide, Google Sheets Document! This is a live document that updates as Michelle is able to add more researched data. Use this is look up foods, help you create your own specialized grocery list, or inspire a meal plan! 
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Customer Reviews

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Must have for eczema

I’ve been using this guide for shopping for several weeks now. It’s very useful and informative. It’s easy to follow. Thanks to Michelle for doing this research. I highly recommend getting this guide. I use it all the time.

Samuel Thomas
Coach Michelle is God sent

I am really appreciative of the fact that someone could take the time and effort to bring some hope and education and more so a natural way to cure eczema. I love this chart because it gives me an acute guide as to the does and don't of eating for my daughter skin issues. Thanks again

Angie A.
Enriching knowledge!

I love this eczema food guide, helps me to finally understand the causes of what consuming to my skin and body in general! Absolutely living by it and eating consciously now.

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