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Private Consultation

Private Consultation

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Gain an in-depth insight into your eczema and how to treat it during the private consultation. During your session, I will document your history, evaluate potential root causes and provide guidance on how to move forward with your healing journey.

You may bring questions to our sessions. 


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Customer Reviews

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Most help I’ve gotten in years

I had gotten to the point where I was frustrated and felt at a loss of how to help my eczema heal. Within days of implementing some of the recommendations from my consultation friends and family noticed a drastic difference that dermatologists could not help me with over the past 8 years. Everything was reasonable to implement and didn’t feel overwhelming or like I was uprooting my whole life. I am planning to continue consultations and following the recommendations as I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.

Battling Eczema for years

My son battled eczema for years, since he was 3 months old. We took him to multiple dermatologists only to be told he would eventually grow out of it. We were prescribed numerous topical steroids and from time to time oral steroids along with antibiotics. Fast forward 10 years and we still had no results, just constant itchy skin and flare ups. Then came Michelle! I met with her online for a private consultation and she gave me more info on how to heal my son's eczema than any doctor I had met with. She knew how to get to the root cause and recommended supplements that worked on healing my child's gut. I learned more in that 45 minutes than I have over the past 10 years visiting dermatologists and allergists. We started seeing improvement in his skin within 2 weeks! This has never happened before. After a month, his skin was completely clear! He sleeps better, he's not moody but completely joyful and the best part, he's not itchy anymore! I feel like he has his life back! He can go in the ocean and pool and his skin will not burn. We have never seen results in healing this fast and we are so grateful to Michelle and her knowledge from the hours of research she has done. She will work with you every step of the way, answering questions that you have as you start out your healing journey. We are forever grateful.

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    Not only do I own this boutique but I am a certified health coach that helps people heal eczema naturally. You can find me on instagram: or check out my website for eczema healing resources

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