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Skin Soothing Balm

Skin Soothing Balm

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Allow the gentle healing properties of prickly pear, chamomile, shea and aloe to calm & nourish the skin deeply.

Handcrafted in collaboration with Plant Based Beauty, our soothing balm is meant for those with:

✓ eczema
✓ psoriasis
✓ severely dry skin

Pure shea butter: restores the skin’s moisture barrier to soothe dryness and provides breathability by being easily absorbed by the skin

Chamomile: calming properties from chamomile flowers are infused to soothe inflamed, itchy, red skin gently

Prickly pear oil: Vitamin E softens & nourishes dry, irritated, flaky skin

Borage oil: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fatty acids gently moisturize the skin

Aloe vera: stimulates cell growth to heal damaged skin

Chamomile essential oil: gentle & soothing properties to calm inflamed skin with a peaceful, subtle scent

+ directions 
Coach Michelle says: Apply a thin layer of soothing skin balm after a morning shower, once your skin is dry but still moist. This will lock in the moisture. Best used during daytime.

+ ingredients
Organic prickly pear oil infused with organic chamomile, organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, organic borage oil, organic 100% pure therapeutic grade chamomile essential oil

+ size
2 oz jar

+ note
Before/after photo shows results after 2 weeks of using the Eczema Soothing Balm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Don’t ever stop making this please!

I’ve been dealing with asthma since my childhood, now under control but of course I have used and still using corticosteroids and feel for a fact that’s what causes my eczema but decided to stop using topical hydrocortisone on my skin, ( eyelids) now just had a couple of flares used this miracle balm that I came across through following Michelle on Instagram and help me heal my flare, just going through another flare after my woman’s cycle and it’s again helping me heal 🙏🏼 So glad I purchased and will be in the future most definitely to help with my tsw, and trying with diet changes, can’t wait but I have faith that one day I will have my skin issues under control. Thank you Michelle ❤️

Jayden Reynolds
10/10 would recommend!

I got this skin soothing balm for Christmas and I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks and its so so great! So buttery smooth and really helps soothe my burning skin when my eczema is flaring.

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